With over two decades of dedicated expertise in branding, web development, multimedia, and graphic design, I am a seasoned creative professional known for delivering compelling digital experiences and innovative design solutions. My journey began with a solid foundation from the Sullivan College of Technology and Design, where I earned an Associate's Degree in Multimedia and Graphic Design. Since then, my passion has steered me through diverse sectors, including entertainment, sports, and particularly healthcare, where I have carved out a niche as a brand and media strategist.
After co-founding a boutique creative firm post-college, I embraced the challenge of a vast array of projects. My role evolved into a dynamic crucible of creativity, where collaboration with clients across industries sharpened my skills and spurred my growth as a designer and a leader. I've always believed that good design doesn't just capture attention—it engages and inspires.
In 2016, my trailblazing spirit led me to become the inaugural media specialist for Christian Care Communities. There, I infused a fresh perspective into their media presence, overseeing marketing campaigns and crafting online materials that resonated with diverse audiences across multiple locations. My expertise spans videography, photography, and social media management—each project an opportunity to tell a story that matters.
The year 2020 marked a pivotal point as I joined Precision Medical Billing as a Branding and Media Specialist. While I was new to the PMB team, my history with the organization stretched back a decade, during which I played a pivotal role in its growth and evolution. My approach melds strategic vision with hands-on design, breathing life into branding campaigns that capture both the essence of PMB and the innovation of the healthcare industry.
I am a fervent advocate for lifelong learning, consistently enhancing my knowledge through webinars and conferences. It's essential to stay attuned to the pulse of technology and marketing trends, ensuring that my clients benefit from the most current and effective strategies.
When it comes to software proficiency, my toolkit is rich and varied, boasting expertise in the Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, and more. I seamlessly blend creativity with pragmatic business acumen to ensure every project is not only visually stunning but also strategically effective.
Outside of my professional life, I cherish time spent with my family, relishing the moments with my wife and two incredible children. My downtime is a tapestry of savoring good food, delving into the intrigue of True Crime TV, and celebrating the thrills of basketball.
Every brand has a story. I'm here to help tell yours.
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