I have over fifteen years of experience in the industry specializes in branding, web development, multimedia, and graphic design.
Bill Lacy is a senior designer based in Louisville, Kentucky. Throughout his rich and extensive career, Bill has primarily worked in the ad agency industry on entertainment and healthcare projects. He boasts a number of different skills, from integrated marketing, video editing, and branding to web design and social media.
Before entering the industry, Bill attended the Sullivan College of Technology and Design and received an Associates Degree in Multimedia and Graphic Design. He’s passionate about the field and enjoys working through different mediums with clients from a variety of industries.
Following college in 2002, Bill co-founded a specialized boutique creative company. Through his firm, Bill had the opportunity to work on an eclectic range of projects in a variety of industries, including entertainment and sports, among many others. Throughout the following years, Bill cut his teeth dealing with different projects, collaborating with clients, and creating quality work on a strict deadline. He went strength to strength with each new creative project, honing and developing his craft and becoming a leader in the field.
After many years of working with different clients, Bill decided to focus all of his creative energy into one industry he was passionate about. He started working in the healthcare field and he hasn’t looked back since. Always a pioneer in his field, in 2016 Bill became the very first media specialist for Christian Care Communities, a long-term care community for senior citizens. In this role, Bill was able to work across different mediums and have creative control over all aspects of the company’s media and marketing campaign. He created fresh online marketing materials and online design for eight locations. On top of this, Bill also worked on videography, copywriting, photography, and social media management, to mention but a few of his many hats.
In 2020, Bill was ready for a new challenge and he joined Precision Medical Billing (PMB) as a branding and media specialist. Even though Bill is a new employee of PMB, he has been working closely with the organization since 2010 on countless marketing projects. Bill has been a key player in the growth and development of PMB and he is excited to join the team and make a positive difference.
Bill believes that learning and growing never stops and even though he is very experienced in his field, he is always continuing his education through expert webinars and conferences. This is a great way for Bill to keep his finger on the pulse of emerging trends, social platforms, and marketing tools. With the innovation of technology and software, it’s essential to keep updated and Bill offers his clients his invaluable knowledge and experience in an ever-growing and fast-paced industry.
In regards to software, Bill has a strong background in the practical use of a diverse number of applications. These include Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite, Illustrator, InDesign, and HTML, among many others. Bill always merges his creative side with practical business sense, which makes each project he works on balanced, high quality, and successful.
In his spare time, Bill loves spending time with his wife, two amazing kids, enjoying great food, obsessing over True Crime TV series, and watching basketball.
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